About the Events Portal

The Problem

Information and news about business events is scattered around various places and resources online. Some downsides to this include:

  • Events on event websites might not be on the sites you use yourself, or are not easy to spot amidst other non-business events…
  • Events promoted on social media can vanish under streams of other content…
  • Some events are mainly announced to the organisers’ own audience or members…
  • Searching around online for suitable events can take up your time…

You can easily miss out on many good opportunities to network, learn or grow your business.

The Solution

East Midlands Networker brings together all the scattered information for you.

No matter where events are being listed or promoted, they’re all gathered under one roof for you to browse, or quickly find through an advanced search form.

Information about business events is collated from a growing variety of sources, and presented through this user-friendly website, with easy searching, clear browsing, bookmarks and more, to help you find the best business events for you.

There’s also the option to receive a weekly digest email – covering any of the counties you’re interested in, and/or for online events – with easy to scan news and links for events coming soon.

The Result for You

  • One central place that removes the need for you to search the web and trawl social media or other sources, saving you from wasting time.
  • Even if you don’t usually actively seek out events (i.e. you generally react to events you happen to see promoted), the EMN Events Portal, and the convenient weekly notifications by email, help you to discover various opportunities you would have missed.
  • If you understand the age-old power and value of face-to-face networking, you’ll appreciate this streamlined process for finding relevant events and being more aware of what’s happening. EMN can help open more doors for you and your business.

We’re Launching Soon!

Special Offer for Early Members

FREE for the first year for Early Members! Normal pricing: £150 per year.
The first 50 members to register when we launch will have a free membership for the first 12 months.
We’re set to launch very soon – June/July 2023.

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